At RecFest, Torin Ellis told the world that if they had a voice, then they should SPEAK UP. Here at The Recruitment Events Co. our voice is our events, and our events are loud. Therefore we’d like to formally introduce you to our inaugural Diversity, Equality & Inclusion event – Inclusive Hiring 2020.

With a unique spin on traditional conferences, this event allows attendees to not only hear the inspirational but also apply the practical. With world-renowned speakers delivering keynote talks, and practitioners delivering best-in-class workshops, Inclusive Hiring is set to change how our industry approaches DEI in 2020 and beyond.


With 4 stages running simultaneously with inspiring speakers and practical workshops, we recommend bringing 3 team members to cover all grounds. To help you, we are giving 3 tickets for the price of 2.

Grab your charity donation ticket today!

Watch Torin Ellis' talk at RecFest 2019

Charity Ticket

Tickets cost £5 which we will top up and donate £10 per ticket to Career Ready. 

Career Ready is a fantastic charity that works across the UK connecting disadvantaged young people with the world of work. Find out more about them here.